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A Better Way of Saying, “I Don’t Know” — I’m a big proponent of saying, “I don’t know,” whenever I’m forced to play outside my Circle of Competence. While this way of thinking definitely helps you grow, it does have some downsides. Downside not in your growth, rather, downside in how others perceive you. Read the full article.


We Don’t Learn From Others Mistakes Unless We Repeat ThemThis constant disregard of the experience of others is not limited to children. It affects decision makers and investors on a grand scale as well. You can’t learn from others’ advice, warnings, and studies. Similarly, you can’t really learn from others’ mistakes without making them first hand. Simply put, you don’t learn history just by reading from textbooks. You have to experience history first hand.

Why You Shouldn’t Read Post-Hoc Analyses of SuccessToday, business journalists and analysts opine that Google’s dominance was predestined, due to their innovative culture, or their “Don’t be Evil” mantra, or their talent hiring process. But back in 1997, their business model seemed like a big joke to these very journalists, and each of them snorted at the prediction of them becoming a multi-billion dollar company.

15 Typical Life Problems We All Face (Part I)In this video series I talk about 15 typical life problems that we all face, and how to address them. Problems arising from breakup, discouragement, monotony, failure, and fear. It’s only by addressing them, and finally solving them that we can reduce anxiety, achieve our goals, and lead a meaningful life.


You Cannot Learn What You Think You Already KnowBefore I started my first business, my college professor (who was a good friend of mine) told me that I should have a Plan B, and a Plan C as well. He liked my enthusiasm about starting on my own, but he felt that I didn’t have any exit strategy.


“You have power over your mind, not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” — Marcus Aurelius, Meditations


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