Sunday Wisdom No. 14

Happy Sunday!

Trust you had a good weekend. 

Here is your weekly Sunday Wisdom — a newsletter on the principles of life, strategy, and antifragility.

My New Article

Self-Perception Theory: What You Do Affects What Attitude You Build — A salesperson might ask you for something relatively small, such as filling out a questionnaire, which is a trick. This makes it easier to ask you for a larger commitment later. The act of fulfilling the small request leads you to alter your attitude to rationalise your act. You filled out the survey, therefore you must be liking their products as well. Self-Perception Theory is the basis behind this foot-in-the-door tactic.

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An Idea For You

When thought is crucial, you often act without thinking. When action is necessary, you often keep on thinking without acting. All the problems in your life have their roots in one of the above.

Articles Worth Reading

Stop Trying to Raise Successful Kids (The Atlantic) — “Kids learn what’s important to adults not by listening to what we say, but by noticing what gets our attention. And in many developed societies, parents now pay more attention to individual achievement and happiness than anything else. However much we praise kindness and caring, we’re not actually showing our kids that we value these traits.” 

The Neuroscience of Anxiety (Scott Young) — “Fear, anxiety and worrying have different, technical meanings. Fear is the feeling associated with imminent danger. Anxiety is the feeling of uncertain threat. Worrying is anxious and repetitive thinking.”

Worth Thinking About

“If you want to walk an hour a day, don’t start with one hour. Choosing one hour is automatically building in the excuse of not having enough time. Commit to a fail-proof five minutes instead.” — Tim Ferriss

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