Sunday Wisdom No. 22

Learning through thrills and pleasure—others aren’t paying attention—Ian McKellen’s Lord of The Rings set diaries—why Does F = ma?—on financial freedom—Seth Godin's advice—just some marble pillows

Happy Sunday!

My girlfriend gifted me Poor Charlie’s Almanack knowing the kind of nerd I am. I’m a huge fan of Charlie Munger, and this book is all about him, his wit, and his wisdom. So I’m pretty excited this week. Hope you’ve had a great week as well.

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Learning Through Thrills and Pleasure

Children find studies boring because they don’t have much skin in the game. They split light beams in the lab only to confirm an already proven experiment, not to try to question it, or study the conditions when this experiment fails. They do maths only to find the known answer, not to discover better ways to solve the problem.

Children love playing cricket because there’s risk and uncertainty. There’s no pre-set and straight forward rules that they can follow that would ensure a win, unlike school exams. Instead, there’s strategy that they can tinker, there are ideas that they can try, and no two games will ever be the same, so there’s plenty of experimentation.

This article talks about the opposite of learning through pain—learning through thrills and pleasure. (818 words)

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💡 A Thought For You

Other people pay much less attention to you than you think. They’re often far too absorbed in their own subjective experiences to pick up on subtle cues related to your feelings.

If you’re annoyed at your partner, they’re probably just too busy thinking about their own problems (such as what they need to do at work, or what they’re planning to cook for dinner) to scrutinise your facial expressions.

They’re not deliberately ignoring you. They’re just thinking about other things.

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🗒 I Enjoyed Reading

Ian McKellen’s Unearthed Lord of The Rings Set Diaries Will Take You There and Back Again

“Earlier this month, on the 20th anniversary of his arrival in New Zealand to begin working on The Lord of the Rings, Sir Ian McKellen shared a link to the diaries he’d kept during production. After blowing off the web 1.0 dust, the entries are a charming look into how movies get made, as well as a fascinating peek behind the curtain of Peter Jackson’s hit trilogy.”

Why Does F = ma?

“One way to get insight into the second law is to consider variations. How would the world be different if instead of F = ma, we instead had F = mv, that is, force is equal to mass times velocity? Or perhaps F = mj, where j is the “jerk”, the third derivative of position. Is there some reason Newton’s law involves the second time derivative of position, rather than the first or the third (or some more exotic) derivative?”

What Nobody Told You About Financial Freedom

“Financial freedom remains a subject tied only to money and not to the peace that no amount of money or wealth would get us, but which is a subject matter of the understanding within, of course, along with enough money.”

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🤔 Worth Thinking About

“Everyone wants something that they can’t possibly have. And if they could have it, they’d discover that they didn’t really want it all along. Everyone is lonely, insecure, and a bit of a fraud. And everyone cares about something.”

— Seth Godin

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