Sunday Wisdom No. 24

Lindy makes things age in reverse—plans v progress—business model v patient care—modern take on Plato’s allegory of cave—something’s wrong with you—prevent a prisoner from escaping—story of Bobby Love

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📝 What I Wrote

In the last two editions of Sunday Wisdom, I talked about controlling what you can control and learning via thrill and pleasure. Today I’m going to talk about an important mental model that can help you predict what would stand the test of time, and what would perish.

The Lindy Effect: Things That Age In Reverse

Human beings are perishable. When you see a 6 year old kid and her 80 year old grandfather, you can predict with confidence that the kid will survive her grandfather.

But with something non-perishable, say a technology or an idea, that is not the case. It is very likely that the old is expected to have a longer expectancy than the young. If an idea, a technology, or a business is eighty years old, and another one is ten years old, the older one is expected to live eight times as long as the new one. The non-perishable age in reverse.

As the great Benoît Mandelbrot wrote, “For the perishable, every additional day in its life translates into a shorter additional life expectancy. For the non-perishable, every additional day may imply a longer life expectancy.” This concept is known as the Lindy Effect.

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💡 An Idea For You

When making plans, think big.

When making progress, think small.

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📑 I Enjoyed Reading

Too Many Tests, Too Little Time — Doctors say they face moral injury because of a business model that interferes with patient care. “The real priority is speed and money and not our patients’ care. That makes it tough for doctors who know they could be doing better for their patients.”

What is Freedom? — Professor Vincent Kavaloski’s modern and refreshing take on Plato’s allegory of the cave that compares the effect of education and the lack of it in our nature.

Working with the Heartbreaking Feeling That Something is Wrong with You — “Most people would say that their problem is that they want to be more disciplined, more focused, better at sticking to their health habits, better at finances, more mindful. So more of something, or better at something else. But underlying all of that is the feeling that something is wrong with us.”

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🤔 Worth Thinking About

“The best way to keep a prisoner from escaping is to make sure he never knows he’s in prison.”

— Fyodor Dostoevsky

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P.S. The story of Bobby Love


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