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Now, it’s time for your weekly dose of fat-free wisdom.

📝 Do Optimists Have a Downside?

Optimists see the world differently through the lens of optimism. No matter how bleak the outside world is, their mental image is different. In their head, their chances are more favourable than usual. That’s why they start startups and other ventures. They don’t give up even after multiple failures. They can handle bad situations better than the rest of us. 

Optimistic people have had a very big role in shaping our lives. They are decision makers, entrepreneurs, social and political leaders. They aren’t average people.

But it’s not all sunshine and rainbow. Optimism may sound like a superpower, but it isn’t without its kryptonite.

Optimistic people have a habit of ignoring bad news. They usually don’t know when to give up, so they never give up. Even when they should. On top of that, successful optimists are often delusional. 

In this article I discuss the upside and the downside of being an optimistic leader. Also, what measures we can take to decrease the downside and exploit the upside. 

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🎥 What’s The Best Way to Make Better Decisions?

Mental Models! I’ve started a new video series on Mental Models. Every week I’ll take one Mental Model, break it apart, and explain it to you in the easiest way.

In this video I give an introduction to Mental Models. What they are, and why you should use them. How they can help you understand how things work. How they can help you solve problems, and make better decisions.

In fact, all businessmen, researchers, scientists, and students use it to get better at what they do. The famous physicist Richard Feynman used it to solve complex problems. Charlie Munger and Warren Buffett used Mental Models to become billionaires. Jeff Bezos used Mental Models to make life-changing decisions. There is no reason why you shouldn’t learn about them.

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☕️ Worth Your Time

👉 Should You Optimise For Speed Or Quality?

When one option is jumping off a cliff, and the other option is jumping off a hillock, the latter might sound better in comparison, but it’s a false choice, resulting from The Contrast Effect. One would get you killed, and the other would get you seriously injured, if not killed. You should choose none. Read it here.

👉 How to Do What You Love?

It’s common knowledge that to do something well you have to like it. As the popular saying goes, “Do what you love.” And if you don’t know what you love, keep on searching. But if you have tried to put this idea into action, doing what you love is not at all simple. It’s actually very complicated. Is there a solution? Watch it here.

👉 Hos Silicon Valley Lost Its Conscience?

I don’t usually read sensational one-sided topics, but this has some cautionary points about what not to do. The act of starting a business, ideally, is to solve a problem or do what you love, and find a way not to starve in the process. It’s not about losing your soul to meet your business goal. Entrepreneurs should aim to become missionaries, not mercenaries. Read it here.

“What makes the DoorDash story so perfectly emblematic of Silicon Valley—even more so than those of the mammoth Facebooks, Googles, and Amazons of the world—is that someone like Xu can take an industry as innocuous as delivering hummus and pizzas and find a way to be utterly immoral while disrupting it. What’s more, and where Xu really encapsulates the entirety of malevolent tech culture, is that he is oblivious to the fact that what he is doing is morally repugnant. He stood up in front of those students at Stanford, bragged about stealing from the school, and made it sound like an act of heroism.”

🔆 Conquer Your Mornings

Get up at the same time everyday.

Setup a morning ritual that consists a mix of exercising, running, reading, making your bed, taking cold showers, planning your day, etc.

Follow it religiously. Do it everyday.

If you keep your morning routine consistent, you gather strength and energy for the whole day.

No matter how much the stress, no matter how tough the time, no matter how awful you feel, if you conquer your mornings, you conquer the day.

If you conquer your days, you conquer life!

💭 Try The Other One

It might be that your customers, your followers, your team members, etc. aren’t bright or caring enough, aren’t interested or attentive enough, aren’t curious or open-minded enough to understand or appreciate your work.

Or, it might be that your work isn’t good enough yet.

If you’ve been assuming one of the above so far, it’s time to assume the other one.

It won’t give you a solution, but it’ll change your perspective.

🙇‍♂️ Quote to Ponder

“We keep swimming. Sometimes the tide is with us, sometimes the other way. Either way we keep swimming.”

— Charlie Munger

Sometimes that market is with us. Sometimes it’s against us. There are both good moments and bad moments in a relationship. There are both joyous events and unfortunate failures in business.

We are all swimmers. There are good times and there are bad times, but swimmers gotta swim.

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