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Sunday Wisdom is your weekly dose of multidisciplinary wisdom—in the form of original long-form articles, bite-sized wisdom, book reviews, article recommendations, quotes, and more.

I am Abhishek, and my goal is to share many little bits of wisdom in a single email. These are practical ideas that will improve your thinking and decision making skills.

Sunday Wisdom is trusted by students, teachers, CEOs, coaches, athletes, artists, leaders, politicians, and many other fine folks who aspire to avoid problems and make better decisions.

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About Me

My name is Abhishek. I’m an entrepreneur and a designer. I live in Mumbai, India.

I founded two companies: a community for amateur designers called Streakle, and a social reading platform called Linkletter. These days I’m heading the design team at a startup.

If you want to get in touch, my email address is hellocoffeeandjunk@gmail.com. I love talking to individuals and small businesses at any time, for any reason. So please feel free to drop me an email.

You can also find me on Twitter and Instagram.

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