A Scientific Way to Call BS on Someone’s Argument

Try to prove your own opinions wrong to make them stronger.

How to to fail quickly in order to learn fast.

How to invent the future.

If ambition spells probable disappointment, why pursue excellence?

The two approaches to learning

The Just-World Fallacy: There is no ‘just’ plan for the world.

The Circle of Competence: How Warren Buffett avoids problems

Chauffeur Knowledge: Don't confuse the spokesperson with those who posses true knowledge.

Goals, Habits, and Prospection

Luck, Skill, and Serendipity

There are 3 kinds of human goals, but only one of them is really important.

Life is neither like chess, nor like poker.

If you think arguments are like fights, then you’re clearly misguided.

How to be persuasive when you don't have any authority.

Books that will change how you think about thinking—Part II

Books that will change how you think about thinking—Part I

Imposter Syndrome: You deserve what you've achieved. You are not a fraud.

The Narrative Fallacy: The story of your life is most likely a sham.

Halo Effect: You never get a second chance to make a first impression.


Practical Life Skills (PLS) to help you get smarter, achieve more, and win BIG in life.